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Connect with your friends while you play your favorite games with Discord – Chat for Gamers.

Discord is the app that millions of gamers are using to chat and text while playing games. No need for a keyboard anymore, this app allows you to easily keep in touch with other players.

Voice chat is one of the key parts of Discord and the app allows you to join group channels. Not only is it an important part of co-op games, where coordination between players is crucial to their success, but it can also be used to simply chit-chat during your gaming sessions.

Message your friends in real time and share pictures and videos with them. You can also have one-to-one conversations, of course!

With the push notifications and the possibility to tag friends with mentions, it’s easy to directly contact your friends whenever you’re ready to play and want to gather them for a session. Easily send them instant invites to add them to your groups!

And it’s all really easy to manage! Organize all your different groups for different games and create specific channels for specific topics. All of this, in one intuitive and user-friendly environment.

Discord – Chat for Gamer is the definitive app for communication between players. Start chatting with your gamer friends now with one single convenient app!

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